About Us

Fendi Critical Services Ltd has over 30 years of providing and understanding what customer service is and should be.

We believe in ‘Right First Time‘ to which end the company holds three principals at its core ‘Integrity‘ – ensuring what we say, is what we deliver for our customers, ‘Respect‘ – we ensure that as a company all employees are treated equally, fair and with respect, which translates to treating our customers the same way, ‘Loyalty‘ – by providing an environment were all employees flourish and develop new skills, this ensures that customers get the right solution at the right time, enabling them to get the required Return On Investment (ROI).

Fendi Critical Services Ltd provides its customers:

Rosette with money

Competitive Pricing

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As part of our commitments to our three guiding principles of Integrity, Respect and Loyalty we are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company.